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Who We Are


I’m Sharon Stewart, otherwise known as Shazza or the Witty nurse.

I have worked for many years in nursing—helping people through all kinds of common and life-threatening health problems. Through this time, I discovered something that has now become a big part of my life—Laughter Yoga!

As a Laughter Yoga Leader and Trainer, I have had the opportunity to spread and share the many health and social benefits of laughter, breath and connection into many sectors.

The 'Witty Nurse'

This includes working with people in:

People ask, ‘how can you laugh through difficult times?’ Of course we can all laugh when life is going great, but truthfully—laughter comes from within and is a tool that can help in difficult times. 

In fact it can be used daily as an exercise with breath to lift those happy endorphins and reduce cortisol levels. A laugh a day keeps the blues away.

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My Values

I am very passionate in helping people find a pathway to joyful experiences, whether it is in the workplace, in their personal lives or within the community.

I have a strong community commitment and am involved in local council activities, and have been a volunteer for many years, training and mentoring. 

I believe in personal growth, confidence, relationship and team building. 

Who I work with

I am available to share the laughter and connection with:

I want to help build confidence, relationships, mindfulness, resilience and connection to create a more harmonious and interactive place for all.