Sharon's Happydemic


Play, laugh, breathe, connect.

Hi, my name is Sharon Stewart and I am a Yoga Teacher and Trainer. I love being able to share the benefits of laughter, breath work and connection through meditation. 

I often provide my services at community events and for corporate or personal groups.

I am very passionate about helping to build confidence, relationships, mindfulness, resilience and connection to create a more harmonious and interactive place for all.

Laughter Yoga

Learn how ‘Laughter Yoga’ can help with stress management, productivity, general health and mindfulness.

Breath Work

Learn different breathing techniques to help you calm the mind and body in a safe environment.


Bring yourself into the present moment by learning how to meditate in a relaxing group environment.


Learn about Laughter Yoga through training workshops with Sharon’s Happydemic.


Interested but not sure where to start? Come along to one of our local events and try it out for yourself!

Did you know that laughter yoga can help minimise the effects of stress and anxiety?

Ground yourself with Sharon's Happydemic today!