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There are many types of meditation I provide to help bring you out of stress and into the present moment.

You can also set goals using timeline techniques and even hypnotherapy is a form of meditation.

To enter a meditation, you must be in a state of relaxation and focus on breathing, emptying the mind. You can meditate by yourself or in a group. You can meditate anywhere (although not while driving).

Meditation comes in different forms, listening to music, nature, dancing, chanting, singing or just silence.

We can breathe in light or colours, positivity and breathe out stress negative emotions.

What to expect in a session

Meditation can last for a few minutes to a full hour, depending on what you need. A body scan can take few moments or longer for a full visualisation. Goal setting can take 30 minutes to an hour.

Most types of meditation involves paying attention to your mind, then gently bring attention back to a chosen focal point if your mind wanders. What you focus on can make a big difference to your meditation experience.

Meditation can be done sitting in a comfortable position or lying down with closed eyes and focusing on your breath and working with the facilitator.

Benefits of meditation

There are many health benefits to meditating, reduced stress, anxiety, mental overload, overwhelm, finding peace or joy

Meditation can bring us into the present moment, help us deal with emotions, emotional triggers, create compassion, forgiveness, inspiration, humanity, happiness and joy.

Laughter Yoga

Learn how ‘Laughter Yoga’ can help with stress management, productivity, general health and mindfulness. 

Breath Work

Learn different breathing techniques to help you calm the mind and body in a safe environment.  

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