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About Sharon

Hi, I'm Sharon!

Hi, I’m Sharon Stewart and I teach and train Laughter Yoga exercises.

I left school at the age of 16 (after being told I was wasting my time ) and went into nursing. This was back in 1972 when hospital training was still in existence. What a culture shock.

I managed to finish my training and never looked back. I have also studied massage, Reiki and have a Diploma in Bowen Therapy. I’m also a level one coach with the Riding for the Disabled.

I have worked in many areas, travelled the world and had many life experiences, where I saw the best and worst in people. I saw many struggles and transformations from the worst to the best as well! I have worked with different types of trauma; physical, emotional and mental. But I’ve also witnessed many amazing outcomes.

I myself have overcome traumas—one being a brain tumour and the residual side effects.

Along the way, I discovered Laughter Yoga and it changed my life.

I have had years of experience as a coach and mentor and use my skills in training volunteers, coaches and many others. Today I spend my time spreading the joy of laughter, meditation and breath work in the community, online, events and in the workplace.

I believe there is no fun in medicine, but there is medicine in fun!

So smile and laugh often!

Learn to be in the present moment with mindful breathing.